Gucci mane atlanta lyrics

gucci mane atlanta lyrics

Lyrics to "East Atlanta " song by Gucci Mane: On the block eating noodles I'm a rock, you a poodle In the club with a slug I'm a motherfucking sho.
[Verse 1:] I'm obnoxious. I'm flowing crazy, I need to stop this. Don't knock this. You nigga's lazy ya'll need to watch this. Preposterous If you can fathem how you.
I'm obnoxious, I'm flowing crazy, I need to stop this. Birds in the living room, it's like Atlanta zoo. But my gun can stop an elephant just like Atlanta zoo (gucci)....

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You know who fuck these nigga's in my crew. In the club with a slug. Get high n go to sleep you couldn't wake me from a coma. Cheeeek that out dude. Lions, tigers, minks, crocs, and gators for my shoes. My swag plus my drop top yellow jag why they gossip. This song has been locked and is considered "done. White dreams, she can fuck me, that's a pipe dream.

gucci mane atlanta lyrics

My lambo doors open upward they're robotic it's Gucci. This page is accessible to. Verified artists on the song. I cut ya til the white meat. Monkey niggas in my hood, I'm living in the zoo. Your girlfriend what should make good first impression my ear rings are phone number match billing. And you can't tell me 'bout Sun Valley cause you ain't live in there nigga. Off set things color ice cream. Get high and go to sleep you couldn't wake me from a coma. Song Lyrics Artists - G Gucci Mane Feat. This page is accessible to. Pop-pop hear the glock cock. Gucci didn't graduate from college. But take that fake jewelery off that shit is fugasey.

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Asian massage azalea york The waitress I made her reloaded like the matrix. I'm flowing crazy, I need to stop. I might wake up if these rappers got beef I smell the aroma. I got lions, tigers, bears in my hood and closet. But meme gordo nigga'z ain't got no heart not even if they had a doner.
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